Sometimes less is more. Our original soap-free cleanser and DIY mask base will instantly decongest and rejuvenate your skin for a smooth and balanced canvass. Just a bit of BUFF mixed with a few drops of water will polish off dull, sluggish skin and leave your face feeling softer than silk. Made from Natural Grains, Clay and Upcycled Organic Jojoba Meal, this cleanser is a master exfoliator designed to leave your skin feeling clean and smooth as butter.  Why is it dry? Leaving out water allows us to package without a preservative!  All of the goodness without the unnecessary additives. Also, activating BUFF at home allows you to completely customize your cleansing experience! You can substitute your favorite hydrosol, like rose water, for H2O. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil like soothing Chamomile or purifying Tea Tree. You could also add some local raw honey, yogurt or fresh aloe from your own plant!  Embrace the endless possibilities and become a face mask mixologist in your own bathroom with this incredible exfoliating scrub!!

BUFF - Cleansing Grains

SKU: 13577
  • Ingredients // *Oats, Kaolin Clay, *Jojoba Meal

    *Denotes Organic